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Teeth Whitening in Portland for Brighter Smiles!

Your teeth called. They asked for Socialite.

Socialite Teeth Whitening in Portland

A dazzling smile is a powerful thing. The Socialite Teeth Whitening System gives you the quality of professional whitening treatments while in the comfort of your very own home. This easy-to-use product requires minimal effort for maximum results.

What's the difference?

Faster and stronger. With 30% carbamide peroxide, Socialite is more concentrated than anything you can buy at the grocery store. It's an excellent option for both novice and expert whiteners alike.

Features a proprietary formula that prevents sensitivity.

Forget the woes of many at-home teeth whiteners. Created by Dr. Katie herself, this winning formula features potassium nitrate, a desensitizing ingredient (also found in Sensodyne), and a thicker gel that's less likely to slide out the back of the tray and burn your throat. Ouch!

Made in the USA. Socialite is fabricated and mixed right here in the USA! That keeps the product much fresher than many at-home competitors.

Something to make you smile.

Every sale from Socialite goes toward providing dental access to people in need. Not only is our product helping patients, but it's changing lives throughout Portland and around the world.

Each year, Dr. Katie leads her team on a mission trip to a remote destination to help communities in need with everything from extractions to fillings to teaching kids how to brush their teeth properly. Recent trips have included the Dominican Republic and Honduras. We take great pride in helping those in need throughout the world and within the Portland community itself!

Socialite Teeth Whitening System

What's included?

Two trays and our specially formulated whitening gel. A single system holds enough gel for six treatments.

Your Socialite kit packs a mighty punch within its small frame. With a mere 30 minutes of your time, you'll get the pearly whites of your dreams.


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