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Jodie Mori, RDH

Click play to learn more about Jodie and how her kindness and compassion translate into an exceptional dental experience for her patients. 


Position: Dental Hygienist

What's one item on your bucket list? I would love to visit the Maldives before they disappear into the ocean. 

What's your spirit animal? Penguin.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the Bling Dental office? I think that my caring attitude towards patients and love of being part of a team. 

My colleagues would describe me as. Probably as hard working, loyal and sometimes quirky. 

What was the best day of your life and why? The day I moved to New York City because I knew that it was the first day of one of my biggest life adventures.

What's your favorite tooth in the mouth? My favorite tooth in the mouth is the mandibular 2nd premolar, it's just such a cute little tooth. 


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